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Specializing in income tax preparation for all industries, Paragon Tax will fight to get your BEST return. We are knowledgable and thorough tax professionals with over 14 years experience in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. We are licensed and accredited to serve income tax preparation needs in every state. Our major goal is to go beyond expectations by offering unique income tax services and more practical advice you can depend on. Please contact us to get started. 

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You may speak to a tax consultant free of charge. During this call, you and your tax pro will go over best tax options, any necessary documents required before filing, and what the preparation fees would be if you decide to use our services. This consultation call is totally free, under no obligation.  We also honor Student, Veteran, and Military discounts.  Speak to a tax pro to get started. 


At Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services, we have combined expertise and knowledge from our large pool of professional talents.  This is what makes us offer income tax preparation services in Nashville at an unparalleled level in the industry. As a leader in the market, we are making a great impact that is truly felt by our clients.  All our experts have high-level education qualifications and continue to receive ongoing training to equip them with the latest tax information. With expert leadership of MichaelMorris and accreditation in the field,  you can feel confident with our services.


With our vast experience in the industry, our team helps you save on your income taxes, avoid costly mistakes and allow you more time to manage your family or business. By working with several businesses in Nashville, we have gained valuable expertise in income tax practices that benefits any individual, existing small business, or new business. By trusting us with your income tax preparation in Nashville, you are sure to remove the hassles, headaches, and losses that you may otherwise experience  through tax debts or penalties. We also offer complimentary Protection Plus plans with all income tax returns.


When doing income tax preparation in Nashville and Franklin areas, we understand that every business or individual is unique, so we strive to offer more customized services to meet each individual's needs.  Our team works together with you to try to understand your unique tax reporting needs, financial issues, and long term goals. This helps us design a package of income tax services appropriate for you and your family. In addition, we also identify the right tax planning and preparation strategies to help reduce your tax liability while improving your long term financial health. Please speak with a tax pro today to get started. 


At Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services, we are dedicated to offering high-quality income tax preparation services with a high focus on friendly and personal customer service. You can be sure your income tax services are done by real experts that care about tax prep quality saving you money. From personal to business income tax preparation in Nashville, trust our company for help. We have the experience you can trust.  We aim to ensure we provide reliable income tax services at an affordable rate to all our clients. 

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Michael Morris here with Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services and I am here to make your tax obligation as smooth as possible- while getting your BEST return. Here is the "essentials list" to help you gather your 2019 documents:

Tax forms. These are the first things to gather when preparing to file your income tax return and should be gathered before your tax appointment.  You should have started to receive your 2019 tax forms including: W-2s, 1095s, 1098s, 1099s. (All of these are supposed to arrive by January 31st from your previous employers.) You’ll need to hand these all over as well as any tax forms YOU have sent to OTHERS, such as 1099-MISC for contractor payments.


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