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IRS Tax Resolution

Let Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services be your partner for all your IRS Tax Resolutions Nashville needs . We began our operations 14 years ago to assist clients with their IRS issues and tax problems. Our company has since grown to help thousands of businesses and individuals with their tax debt resolutions.  Paragon's experts will help negotiate and guide you through your best resolution strategies.  Our major goal is to help you reduce tax penalties and resolve tax debt at your family's or business's best interest. 

As tax experts, we help resolve a wide range of IRS Tax Resolutions services Nashville. We can help you deal with IRS tax issues such as bank levy, threatening letters, IRS audit notification, non-filing, liens, offers-in-compromise, and more.  Our experts listen to your issues and develop a plan on how to help solve the issues within the shortest time possible. Whether you are self-employed, entrepreneur, small business, or an individual, Paragon is prepared to help.   Please schedule your consultation call below. 

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