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⚠️ Be Cautiously Aware of Tax Scams and Fraud this year!

Bottom Line: Do not respond to calls or emails from people (or robots) claiming to be the IRS or U.S. Treasury.

As tax season approaches, many people start getting phone calls, emails and text messages from entities claiming to be the IRS. IRS Tax Resolutions services can be confusing if you don’t deal with them on a regular basis, however the IRS is not one to pick up the phone especially in this busiest time of the year!

Here’s the scoop: The IRS and U.S. Treasury will never contact you via telephone calls, text messages, or email messages; unless you are in litigation, which you would be well aware of.

⚠️ Do not respond to calls or emails from people or robots claiming to be the IRS or the U.S. Treasury.

⚠️ U.S. MAIL is the only way the IRS will correspond with you, again unless you are in a litigation scenario in which you would be aware of a possible call or email coming in from a designated representative.

It is also worth mentioning to be cautious about “shopping a refund” which simply means finding a preparer who promises to "get you a bigger refund". These promises often come with dishonesty and lack of moral The last thing you want is to be a red flag to the IRS and not be able to solve any disputes if they arise.

Tip: Make sure you are dealing with an Accountant who offers IRS Tax Resolution services. Why? Because taxpayers sign their returns under penalties of perjury, therefor you, the taxpayer, are responsible for any bad information, whether it’s an unintentional mistake or intentional act of fraud.

At Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services, every return includes Protection Plus+ Plan which includes interpretation, audit assistance, and ID theft restoration plan. This is included with every return at no additional cost to safeguard your return and give you peace of mind.

You have to be very careful about your paid preparer and ensure sure they are well-credentialed. To help, the IRS website has a list of registered tax preparers to help you avoid dishonest “professionals.”

If you suspect you have encountered a scam or fraudulent tax professional, please report activity to the IRS to further investigate and make the public aware: https://www.irs.gov/compliance/criminal-investigation/tax-fraud-alerts

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