Are you self-employed and wondering how to prepare and file your tax matters in Nashville?  No need to worry, at Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services we can help with all tax matters effectively.  We provide self-employed taxes services for all Nashville and surrounding clients regardless of the industry.  Our company is top rated with a team that keeps you updated on all tax matters on a regular basis.  We go beyond just giving you an annual tax review, our team works with you at all times updating you and ensuring you comply with all self-employed tax regulations and requirements. Speak to a pro to discuss your BEST tax return today. 

Client Benefits:

  • Free E-file

  • Direct Deposit 

  • Protection Plus

  • Audit Assistance

  • Mobile Service

  • 14+ Years Experience

Offer highly reliable tax services

Our self-employed taxes services Nashville are noted to be the most reliable, reaching beyond client expectation. Our tax services are highly personalized and comprehensive. Our philosophy regarding relationship with clients is fully based on trust, which has earned us a credible reputation in Nashville and beyond.  Our experts look at your numbers, prepare tax reports, file the taxes, and offer advisory services among other services according to your needs. You can leave our experts to handle all your tax issues and focus on other profitable tasks in your work

Work with clients of all professions

It does not matter the profession or the business, our self-employed tax services in Nashville are specialized to meet all industries.  We provide services to graphic designers, personal trainers, professional athletes, real estate agents, other self-employed individuals.  Our team is committed to being part of your growth; therefore we apply bookkeeping and tax strategies that save you a lot of time and money. Our professionals will educate you with actionable and clear guidance to ensure your tax preparation process is painless. Paragon is here for you. 

Affordable and Competitive pricing

At Paragon Tax and Bookkeeping Services, we pride ourselves in being the most competitive firm in Nashville.  Though we beat out many competitors, our self-employed taxes services Nashville are not necessarily the cheapest. They are, however, of the highest quality.  We understand the financial challenges most self-employed individuals go through, and will customize a quote and plan dependent on your needs and budget. We are also backed by Protection Plus Audit Assistance. You can be sure there are no hidden charges or fees.  

Trust us for all your self-employed taxes services Nashville needs. We take full responsibility for all matters regarding your taxes. This gives you a better opportunity to focus on your work and other profitable ventures knowing all your tax matters are in safe and responsible hands.

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The standard deductions have nearly doubled from what they used to be, making it harder to itemize for self-employed taxpayers. The 2019 deductions are: $12,200 for individuals, $18,350 for heads of household, and $24,400 for married couples filing jointly. Self-employed taxpayers who do not have enough deductions to surpass these thresholds then take the standard deduction.


Understanding your deductions, and how they best suit your tax needs is especially important for the self-employed, and small business owner, due to the nature of business and personal tax deductions. These numbers help determine accurate profit and losses and ensure you are receiving your best tax return. 


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